Things you must have at home to tackle Covid-19 situation

Items that can help you to tackle Covid/ Corona emergency cases.


1. ‘Tab Ivermectin-12mg’ [Once Daily]

2. ‘Tab Augmentin-625mg’ [Twice Daily]

3.‘Tab Azithromycin-500mg’ [Twice Daily]

4. ‘Tab-Dolo/ Paracetamol- 650mg’ [if fever]

5. ‘Cap-Pantop’ [Once Daily]

6. ‘Tab Limcee / (Vitamin C) 500mg’ [Once Daily]

7. ‘Tab Zincovit / (Zinc Acetate)50mg’ [Once Daily]

8. ‘Tab Brufen 400mg’ [if pain] [Once Daily]

9. ‘Syrup Grillinctus’. [Once Daily]

Please buy & take medicines as per your Doctor’s advice.

Surgical :

1. Oxygen Cylinder with ready to serve kit (oxygen face mask, flowmeter, pressure gauge & humidifier bottle)

2. Steam Inhaler & Vicks Vaporub [Take 03 times a day]

3. Precautionary: PPE Kit, Face Mask, Hand gloves & Sanitiser.

Testing Equipments:

1. Oximeter (Pulse & SpO2) [Check 03 times a day]

2. Blood Pressure Machine [Check 03 times a day]

3. Clinical Thermometer [Check 03 times a day]

Additional Foods:

1. Hot Haldi Milk (Milk & Haldi) [Take 03 times a day]

2. Fruits (Apple, Orange, Grapes) & Ready to drink Juice

3. Kadha (raw materials to make kadha) [Take 03 times a day]

4. Hot Lemon Water (Lemon)[Take 03 times a day]


1. Disposable Plate- Bowl — Glass- Cup,

2. Dustbin & Dustbin bags

3. Bleaching Powder.

Above article is just an advice based on Doctor’s & Experts opinion.

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